Welcome to the 23rd Annual NATA Symposium and NATA's 25th anniversary.

Whether you are joining in Athens or are participating online it is a great pleasure to count you amongst the NATA community and to unite global PBM, Haemostasis and Thrombosis for the next 3 days. 
It is wonderful to be meeting again after 3 long years.

Prof Lasocki has created a compact and engaging programme covering many aspects of our specialty - new knowledge, breaking research, catch-ups and updates. Don't miss the debate on Thursday, will your opinion be swayed?

I am particularly pleased to welcome our keynote speaker, Varvara Magnisali, a Hellenic Olympic Champion, who will draw parallels between elite sport and the implementation of PBM programmes - both are a hard slog and with perseverance we succeed.

Thank you to our industry partners for their on-going and generous support.

To all of you from far and wide who are in Athens, enjoy the congress and enjoy this beautiful city and to those of you joining us from home be inspired!

Prof Jens Meier
Chair - NATA

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